About Me – Angela Price

Angela PriceHi, my name is Angela Price.

The garden has always been a place for me to be artistic, to respect nature, and to create community. I still remember my family’s first vegetable garden. Nothing would get me more excited than to run out to that small plot each morning to see what seedlings had pushed through the soft dirt. There was nothing better than eating fresh tomatoes and corn and squash. My father, a well-known architect, was very instrumental in inspiring me to garden.

While my career path has taken me from the theater to corporate human resources, the one constant has been gardening. Even when I did not have an outdoor space, my windowsills were filled with potted herbs and bulbs.

I now have a small urban farm (and chickens!) in my tiny back yard and an English style native garden in my front yard. I look forward to creating beautiful small and unique gardens for my clients.