I’m So Happy With You – Sunflowers

Sunflowers make gardens and gardeners happy.

Sunflowers make gardens and gardeners happy.

Companion Planting Sunflowers With Corn And Cucumbers

One in an occasional series on Companion Planting.

Did you know that plants can have friends in the garden?

Planting certain plants together can benefit the growth and development of the plants, deter pests, and even improve the flavor of the edible parts of the plants.

Companion Planting With Easy To Grow Sunflowers

Today’s planting companion is the happy sunflower (Helianthus). There are actually 70 different species of sunflowers, and all except 3 grow in North America. From the fuzzy ‘teddy bear’ sunflower to the ‘Russian mammoth’, there is a sunflower to suit every garden.

Sunflowers are easy to grow too. Plant seeds 10-30″ apart depending on the variety in rich soil to a depth of 3/4″. Planting should take place in the spring after the last frost. Plant in full sun and water well. Soil should be kept moist.

Plant With Cucumbers & Corn For Increased Yield & Insect Control

Sunflowers get along great with cucumbers and corn. Corn and cucumber yield can be increased with sunflowers as companions. Sunflowers repel cucumber beetles and aphids, and they attract beneficial insects like bees and praying mantises.

Have you planted sunflowers?

Let me know what your experience has been with sunflowers in the comments below.

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4 comments on “I’m So Happy With You – Sunflowers
  1. TINA F. says:

    Learning more about the better ways to plant. Companion planting is what im learning for our Learning Garden this year.

  2. Sunny says:

    I have sunflowers coming up beside corn and cucumbers. The flowers are about 4-5 inches tall. They are being eaten. Any advice? This is a newly cleared area with rich soil.

    • Tim says:

      They get eaten quickly when small
      I planted 10 and 8 got eaten.
      Once they get a certain size they are fine. I. Would plant more and expect less.
      I have 2 that are just opening and about 5 feet tall. Beautiful.

  3. Kimberley Wright says:

    I planted sunflowers with my pumpkins this year with amazing results! next year they are getting peppered through my corn patch and I’m going to try amidst the corn too

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